Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 30

Some before (left) and after (right)

I lost a total of 21lbs.
Start weight: 144
Today: 123

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but it was a good day!  And today has been great!  I actually just had my first juice of the day at 1pm, and am still drinking it.  I've been drinking water all day, been grocery shopping, and doing laundry.... and haven't even been hungry or at least hadn't thought about it.  So, I loaded my lunch drink with lots of greens to get lots of nutrients.

If you can remember, on day 28 I had two drinks with cranberries.  One just a handful, and the other I juiced an entire 12oz bag.  If you would really like to just make sure you're fully cleansed and detoxed....I'd recommend it ;p  'Cus if you weren't before, you will be after.  Just sayin'.  Good way to end the fast....and probably a good way to start too.

Early this a.m., after dropping my wonderful hubby off at work, the kiddos and I went grocery shopping!  'Cus you know, I can eat tomorrow! woot!  Pretty much everything in my cart was a veggie, fruit, or something organic in nature.  Here are some pics of what we got....
A friend told me that peanut butter actually has an oil in it that our bodies literally cannot digest.  Um, yuk.  She suggested almond or cashew butter.  This was all I could find at Walmart.  Gave it to the kiddos today and they seemed to like it!

Our fridge did NOT look like this 30 or more days ago.  It is FULL to the brim with veggies, and a couple fruits, and even....yes, even TOFU.....I'm gonna try it :)  And I also got some organic eggs.  Those are a bit pricey...I wish I knew someone who I could by them from for less than $3 a dozen, but I think that's about the going rate for organic anyway.  That's how much they are at the farmers market too.  But we will definitely be eating less eggs going forward.
Some of my choices for veggies/fruits:  Bell Peppers, Paplano Peppers, Jalapeno's, and some other spicy pepper, cabbage, green delicious apples, Broccoli, Banana's, Organic Spinach mix, Italian parsley, cilantro, Zucchini, Mint leaves, Basil leaves, avacado's, etc....#goodstuff  I had already got Cucumbers, Eggplant, and Kale from the farmers market.

Instead of Hershey's chocolate syrup, I have gone back to giving the kiddos Ovaltine.  Also, all breads were from the fresh bakery section.  I have started to buy the fresh stuff (I like the one's marked down that were made the day before....way cheaper and perfectly fine, they just can't sell "fresh" bread the next day) and then I freeze it.  Fresh bread is the best to freeze, because you can take it out of the freezer, leave it on the counter for about 30-45 min and it is good as new, perfectly soft and full of all the flavor.  The regular breads that are not fresh are gross/dry after you defrost them....at least in my experience.  So get fresh!  I also got some healthy wraps....the tortilla ones, and also some wonton and egg roll wraps! Oh and in the back, that is agave nectar....apparently healthier.  Giving it a try, although I did grab brown sugar just incase, lol

Things I bought that are not pictured....black beans, stewed tomatoes, rotel, and Quinoa. 

And all the groceries I got still came in $20 under budget

Things I did NOT buy, that I normally had been......Processed foods, crackers, cookies, cheeses, meet, regular eggs(the 2 1/2 doz b/c we ate THAT many), juice, chips, etc....NOT buying the junk will save you money so you CAN eat healthier.  Eating healthier doesn't mean spending more money all the time, unless you are also buying the junk.  So don't buy the junk.  

Thank you to all of you who have been encouraging me through all this!  You all have been a huge support system and also a big crowd of accountability, which I needed!  Many of you have text me, called, fb'd.....and I appreciate it SO much.

For all my fellow juicers......
Please don't stop asking questions!  If I can answer your question I will or at least point you in the right direction.  Stay on track, but don't beat yourself up either.  Baby steps.  Get some accountability.  That's what this blog, fb, and all you that I would see were for me.  Let others know you are juicing so you can have that accountability.  

And remember, if you choose a 30day or longer.....It's gonna be tough, but it's also going to be SOOOO worth it!!!  Choose to make a change. Don't wait till it's too late and you HAVE to.  Do it when it's a choice.

After today, I will leave all my juicing journal on here, but will also start posting my new healthy journey and some recipes!


Happy Juicing all!


  1. Hey, why did you buy white processed floured bread and processed wraps? In all of the detoxing books we've been reading it says to stay away from them. Just curious.

  2. I didn't know that. And actually, the wraps and majority of bread is wheat flour. Thanks for the info! I'll have to research.

  3. First of all, your blog is so encouraging! I'm wanting to begin a juice fast of my own so I have a couple questions:
    - What did you feed the rest of your family while you were fasting?
    - We are on a pretty tight budget. Did you find you were able to do the fast and continue to feed your family without increasing your food bill each month?
    Thanks for your help--your recipes look great!

  4. Hi @tinclover! Thanks! Our kids are pretty easy to please. I made them things like mac n chz, sandwiches, couscous, tacos, dishes with beans and/or rice, veggies, chicken, salads, homemade soups. We had food in our pantry and freezer. My husband juiced a bit with me and ate very light. So we would make a meal and it would literally last a couple days since neither of us were eating....me not at all and my hubs just a small amount. Our grocery bill was actually less. And now we are eating all fruits/veggies and whole foods and it's still either cheaper or the same amount b/c we are not buying ANY of the junk. No store bought fatty cookies, crackers, chips, or any other processed food. It's awesome!! Have fun juicing! You will NOT regret it. You will feel so much better and your family will love it too esp when you start cooking more healthy. We don't buy ANY juice from the store anymore. We make it ourselves! So healthy!