Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 21

Woo hooo! Less than 10 days to go! 9 to be exact.  And I am so ready!  The fast is definitely awesome and making me feel great, but I will be happy to end and start making some of the new recipe's I have found for raw, vegan, vegetarian food...and just healthy in general meals and snacks!  

And just to clear this up, I will not be going total vegan, raw, or vegetarian.....but mostly, hence me combining all these recipes into my new healthy diet.  That is to say that if we are out and I want some fish or a small filet that I may splurge and get it.....It's all about moderation.  Also, by husband likes meat and cheeses.  We won't be eating it very much, but every once in a while I may throw some ground turkey in the spaghetti or chicken in the enchilada's, ....and I also like a nice fritata, so not completely getting rid of eggs either......etc.....Moderation.   During the day while I'm at home I will mainly be eating whole foods/raw/vegan or vegetarian dishes and snacks.

I found this video and thought it was great....I really want her non-cookbook :)  Live Raw 
I'm really loving learning all I can about eating RAW, because it is so much healthier.  When we cook our veggies, although it's great we are eating veggies, many if not most of the nutrients we are wanting are cooked out of them.  And I love cooked veggies.  I had always been under the impression that it didn't really matter how they were prepared, as long as you didn't fry them.  WRONG!  I am learning SO much during this fast.  BTW, before you hit the play button, I want you to guess how old this lady'll be wrong.  Trust me.  

If you are praying/thinking about doing a juicing fast, I HIGHLY recommend a 30 day fast.  Why is because of my personal experience.  If you're just tuning into my blog, please go back and read some of my earlier posts or the And so it begins initial post.  

Here is just the explanation of days 16-30 which is where it all comes together!  Where I am now!  Benefits you won't get if you do a short fast.  
Stage 4 (Day 16 to Day 30)
The body is completely adapted to the fasting process. There is more energy and clarity of mind. Cleansing periods can be short with many days of feeling good in between. There are days when the tongue is pink and the breath is fresh. The healing work of the organs is being completed. After the detoxification mechanisms have removed the causative agent or render it harmless, the body works at maximum capacity in tissue proliferation to replace damaged tissue. While a short fast will reduce the symptoms, a longer fast can completely heal. Homeostatic balance is at optimum levels. The lymphatic system is clean except for a rare discharge of mucus through the nose or throat. After day 20, the mind is affected. Heightened clarity and emotional balance are felt at this time. Memory and concentration improve.
(Sounds good, right?!!!)

for the complete stage write up also check this link out:
This link explains very clearly what your body will go through at EACH stage during your fast.  Non of the things in this explanation are definitely going to happen to you.....Most of the "bad" stuff didn't happen to me.  But it also makes a difference in how NOT healthy you are before the fast, and how much crud and bacteria you have taking up space in your body.  Gross, but the truth is sometimes, especially when it comes to the American diet and what we put into our bodies.  Blek

And also, if you are REALLY feeling hungry, drink more juice with veggies in them.  You should NOT be hungry at all during this fast.  Although psychologically you may think you are because you just want to me I went through that.  My stomach felt full, but I just wanted to eat!  Stay strong, drink that juice, and push through.  The cravings will lessen (although you may still have tough me yesterday).  But gaining self-control and discipline over your food addiction and habit will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  

Have I mentioned that I am feeling great?!  I am becoming happy with my body....and not just because of the weight loss (17 pounds so far! woot woot!) but also and more IMPORTANTLY  because I am becoming healthier and I can FEEL it.  It's absolutely wonderful.  

Anytime I am out around people I know, the topic of juicing comes up.  A lot of people are curious about this!  And I am always SO excited when people text, Facebook message me, or just come up and tell me that they are getting a juicer and are ready to begin!  It's a hardcore journey towards a healthier lifestyle.  I am praying for each of you to be strong and have the self discipline and control to get through to the end.  Because if you do I know you will NOT regret it.  I can tell you all day long how it has changed my body, my life, the way I view what I put into my bodyt, my self-control and discipline, my clarity of mind, my self-confidence and just overall feeling amazing....BUT until you do it for yourself you just won't get it.  Until you start, it's just an idea, a "one day I will".  

If you start making excuses why you don't need to do it, odds are you really need to.  

I know this isn't for everyone.  But if you are among the few who are serious about cleansing your body, and making the best first step towards a healthier lifestyle, this IS for YOU.  

If you can say yes to any of these, then at least give it a thought...

Do you want.....
  • to have control over your eating habits
  • self-control and discipline in general
  • loose weight
  • start leading a healthier life
  • change your family health tree (not sure about yours, but our family members before us have all had either Diabetes, Heart Disease, strokes, heart-attacks......etc)  
  • clearer mind
  • emotional balance
  • better spiritual life (I didn't start this fast as a spiritual one like usual, but it became one.  I feel closer and more connected to the Lord as I gain personal strength, self-control, listen to discipline and obey, and welcome this change)
  • more self-confidence
  • more ENERGY!
  • your jeans to fit better
  • to feel sexy for your spouse (goes with self-confidence ladies.....and men)
  • a change.  'Cus what you've been doing isn't working

So here's to day 21!  9 more days! 

Total weight loss: 17lbs

Trust me y'all.  If I can do this, YOU can do this.  

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  1. Beautiful words and passion from a very beautiful woman with spiritual favor from God! I love you wife... and yes you are lookin mighty sexy ;)